Awash with fun at the Three Counties Show

The storm clouds gather as we prepare to open for day 2 of the show.

Storm clouds gather as we prepare to open for day 2 of the show.

In Studio 5 runners on the 10 metre track were recording excellent times despite the wind, rain and wellies. The relative shelter and warmth in Studio 2 was a great chance to relax so the Director got plenty of amazing vein images.

There were some cast members who already had experience with television - Wincey Willis the former TV-AM weather presenter came round the Studios before her radio show began.

On the last day the sun came out for all the Dad's and we had to celebrate with a special 'Battle of the Dad's' gameshow on stage. We challenged two Dads from the audience to see if they could pump blood as fast and efficiently as a heart. The results were pretty good, but unsurprisingly the heart won!

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