Fascinating Physiology at the ASE Conference

Dr Valerie Gladwell

Dr Valerie Gladwell

The Association for Science Education (ASE) conference in January will be a brilliant opportunity to explore the mind and body in motion. Dr Valerie Gladwell, University of Essex, and Professor David James, University of Sheffield Hallam, both friends of In the Zone, will be giving fascinating talks at the event, held at the University of Liverpool.

Valerie Gladwell will be giving a talk called "The 5 Rings to Success" as part of the Biology in the Real World series on Friday 6th January. This talk will discuss what makes an elite athlete including what happens to the body during training, competition and recovery. 

David James is giving the Nuffield Foundation Lecture on Saturday 7th January entitled "Using sport to educate and enthuse young people about science". Sport has a unique ability to capture the imagination of young people and to stimulate their aspirations. Science and engineering has dramatically shaped the modern sporting world, sometimes causing controversy, but always generating fascination.

And if you are at ASE don't forget to come and see the In the Zone team at stand B22 and come to our launch event. Please see the ASE website for further information.

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