First kits delivered by Sir Steve Redgrave CBE

Sir Steve using the respirometer with 16 - 19 year olds

Sir Steve using the respirometer with 16 - 19 year olds

It's not often you see two knights of the realm and a six year old battling it out over a standing long jump. This and other magnificent feats were demonstrated at the schools launch of the in the Zone kits in East London on 9 February.

Students from St Paulsway Trust School, and their neighbouring Marner Primary School were the first to receive their free In the Zone kits - hand delivered by Sir Steve Redgrave CBE.

Sir Steve worked alongside the students in the science lab throughout the morning and demonstrated his 7 litre lung capacity, 240cm standing long jump and rapidly recovering heart rate. On the importance of science in sport Sir Steve commented "I didn't have much interest in science at school, but it became really important to me as I got more serious about sport. I owe much of my Olympic success to a scientific understanding of my body."

The students found the experience inspirational. When asked about what she had learned during the morning, Beattie, 12 responded, "Steve said you can't sit back and let people around you make you successful, the only person who can change your future is you."

The In the Zone launch was covered by ITV lunchtime news and BBC Health.

In the Zone kits will be arriving in all UK schools in early 2012.

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