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Year 5 pupils using a stethoscope from the kits

Year 5 pupils using a stethoscope from the kits

In the Zone kits brimming with scientific equipment, teaching resources and experiments have now arrived in UK schools and colleges. Students can explore their lung capacities, heart rates, reaction times, the power in their muscles and how much carbon dioxide is produced before and after exercise.

"The kit gives inspiration to our teaching and enables a focus on group work and sharing" - Hannora Loveday, Deputy Head, St Pauls Way Trust

"My Y9 class loved using the @inthezone2012 kit & have learned a lot about the links between sport & science"  Year 9 teacher on Twitter  

If you'd like to check how the project fits with the science and PE curricula, see the matches here if you are a primary teacher and  here if you are a secondary teacher. 

Inside your kit you'll find a teaching guide (also available online). It contains lesson plans for each year group and a helpful guide outlining what the objectives are for each lesson, which resources to use from the kit or website and preparation tips. There are sections on the website for ages 4-11 and 11-19 where you'll find all the teaching guides included in the kits plus some interactive extras.

To introduce the project to your pupils, use one of the In the Zone assemblies:

"In the Zone is a great way to translate the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games fever into genuine learning." - Sir Steve Redgrave CBE, five-time Olympic gold medallist

If you have any questions about getting started or about the resources do get in touch.


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If you've enjoyed In the Zone, here are some ways to extend your In the Zone experience; places to learn more about science and movement; and links to related information.

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If you need information or have a question about In the Zone, please view our help and support page which contains FAQs and support for the experiments. You can also contact us by email or telephone.

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