A message from Sir Steve Redgrave in the run-up to your sports day

Testing out the respirometer kit

Testing out the respirometer kit

This year I've enjoyed visiting schools and seeing first-hand how much pupils learn from the In the Zone practical science kits. Every UK school has a free kit so if you've not yet used yours, open it up and have a look at what's inside. Why not join science and PE teachers across the UK and run a Science of the Games Day or bring a fun scientific twist to your sports day?

How pupils perform in the playground or on the sports field can be linked to science in a fun and imaginative way. Watch a short clip of how I used the kits with primary and secondary students.

Rather than inspiring students to become the next Usain Bolt, we are most interested in helping them discover the science of how elite athletes like Bolt are so good.

Your In the Zone kit contains everything needed to help pupils learn more about their own brilliant bodies and is linked to the curriculum.

Reaction times, pulse rates, muscle types, lung volume, endurance versus speed - science has never been so topical!

Don't forget to add your In the Zone pedometers, blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeters or stethoscopes to your beanbags, hoops and skipping ropes at this year's sports day.

Have a great time using your kits, and let us know how you get on via Twitter @inthezone2012 or email: inthezone@wellcome.ac.uk.

Sir Steve Redgrave CBE
Five-time Olympic gold medallist



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