The Live Data Zone is now live!

Live Data Zone

The Live Data Zone

When we developed In the Zone, one of our key aims was to provide students with a real-life context to their learning. What would a real scientist do if they wanted to know whether vital capacity varied with age or height, or whether activity levels are important for heart rate recovery in teenagers? They would use the largest possible dataset from people right across the country. Out of that idea came the Live Data Zone - an interactive tool enabling students to upload their In the Zone results and gain access to data from other students right across the UK. Pupils can look for patterns in the data sets which could be by group, class or school - results can even be compared to the national average! 

Ages 11-14, who are focusing on breathing, can upload data about their peak flow and vital capacity.

Ages 14-16, whose theme is strength, can upload how many press-ups and squats they manage in 1 minute.

Ages 16-19, whose theme is power, record and upload their heart rate before and after exercise.

Results are displayed as a graph which can be customised depending on the data pupils would like to view.  Click here to visit the Live Data Zone and start uploading your results! 

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