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In Fizzy's Super Athletes children will find out what makes a super athlete and whether body differences give advantages in different sports.

Are human bodies perfect? Can people with the longest legs jump the farthest? Children will make predictions relating to body structure and function, investigate, and compare their results. 

The unit has three lessons:

  • Lesson 1 - Are some body measurements linked?
  • Lesson 2 - Can people with longer legs jump the farthest?
  • Lesson 3 - Which muscles are important for which activites?

You can find teaching notes and photocopiable pupil sheets for all three lessons on the ages 7-9 resources page. Children can also play Fizzy's Jump! activity to watch a slow motion video that explains how your body jumps and gives you tips on how to jump far.

To help teach this unit, look in the box for Meticulous Measuring Tapes, Brilliant Balancing Floor Tape and Tip Top Timers!

Measuring Jumping

Teacher resources

Everything you'll need for each lesson in this unit, including:

  • A unit overview
  • Lesson plans
  • Photocopiable pupil sheets
  • Photocopiable reward cards
  • Home activity cards
  • PowerPoint presentations

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Get In the Zone with Brazil 2014 and the Commonwealth Games!

After the huge success of London 2012 the sporting craze continues this summer with Brazil 2014 and, straight after the World Cup, we'll be hosting the Commonwealth Games in Scotland.

What a great opportunity to get ahead of the games and use your In the Zone kit to bring some of the excitement of these major sporting events into your classroom. You can use the kit to help your pupils discover the science behind the performance of elite footballers like Wayne Rooney, Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo and what happens in the bodies of top athletes such as Usain Bolt and Mo Farrar when they push themselves to the limit in their quest for gold.

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Get 'In the Zone' for Sochi

We're counting down to some exceptional sport at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, and have enjoyed watching In the Zone's champion, Sir Steve Redgrave CBE, on Channel 4's 'The Jump'. To give you some ideas of how to excite your students, here are some suggestions for how to get In the Zone… in the cold! Brrrrr.

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