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If you've enjoyed In the Zone, here are some ways to extend your In the Zone experience; places to learn more about science and movement; and links to related information.

  • Related Projects

    Science Junkie: In the Zone

    Science Junkie: In the Zone

    Science Junkie: In the Zone is a new, interactive, action-packed live science show that explores the physiology and sports engineering that make an Olympic and Paralympic athlete a champion. The show can be delivered at schools and festivals.


    I'm a Scientist, In the Zone

    I'm a Scientist, In the Zone

    I'm a Scientist, Get me out of Here! is a free online event where students get to meet and interact with real scientists. In 2012 there was a special I'm a Scientist, In the Zone where students found out more about the In the Zone investigations. The website shows a repository of students' questions and scientists' responses. For more information go to http://inthezone.imascientist.org.uk/teachers.

    Physiology and pharmacology of performance enhancement in sport

    Performance 2012

    Performance 2012 was a successful project engaging with a wide section of the society in the physiology, pharmacology and ethics of performance enhancement in sport. The final output is an open access web site where resources have been prepared and can be freely used for others to run similar events in the future.

    The project involved three key events for the Olympic year:

    ■  A mock drugs testing laboratory and debate on the use of drugs in sport. For KS4 & 5 pupils during National Science Week and the Leeds Festival of Science.

    ■  An ethical debate on the roles and responsibilities, of those working with young people in sport, to their athletes.

    ■  A free exhibition featuring interactive demonstrations and displays from leading researchers in the field exploring performance enhancement in sport.


    Face to Face with Sports Science

    Face to Face with Sports Science

    Face to Face with Sports Science ran events in 2012 which aimed to engage and inspire both the general public and students through interactive exhibit days at popular NW museums and four targeted workshop for secondary school pupils. The project was designed and delivered by esteemed practitioners and researchers from the Research Institute of Sport and Exercise Sciences at Liverpool John Moores University and in partnership with World Museum Liverpool and the Museum of Science and Industry (Manchester) 

    Log on to our website http://www.ljmu.ac.uk/f2fss; follow us on Twitter @F2FSS or e-mail us f2fss@ljmu.ac.uk to find out ways that you can come Face to Face with Sports Science in the future.


  • Extend your In the Zone experience

    BBC News School Report

    BBC News School Report

    BBC News School Report invites schools to make their own news for a real audience. Take your In the Zone experiments to the next level by reporting for the BBC on what you do!


    BBC World Class

    In the Zone Assembly from BBC World Class

    Inspire your pupils with In the Zone's The Science of Sport assembly from BBC Commonwealth Class.



    Edexcel – Project Qualification

    Project is an exciting new qualification, offered at three levels, that allows students to investigate something that interests them and go on to produce a single piece of work that presents the findings. Why not use the In the Zone experiments as a basis for a Project Qualification?


    British Science Association CREST awards

    British Science Association CREST Awards

    CREST Star Investigators is a UK-wide award scheme that enables children to solve science, technology, engineering and maths problems through practical investigation. Extend your students'  scientific enquiry skills in an enjoyable context by using In the Zone to gain a CREST award.


    Royal Society of Chemistry

    Bill Bryson Science Communication Prize

    The RSC Bill Bryson Prize is designed to encourage and recognise clear science communication in schools and colleges. Each year there is a new theme and the best entries from each category will receive a cash prize for their institution and for the winning students.


    Big Dance

    Big Dance

    Why not use your In the Zone kit during the Big Dance Schools Pledge - a three-minute dance routine that anyone can do! Learn the dance online, even adapt and make it your own. Then plan a performance in the Pledge Performance Weekend (see the website for dates) or whenever you like.



    STEM Ambassadors

    Why not involve a real scientist in your In the Zone lessons? STEM ambassadors are scientists and health professionals who have been trained to deliver engaging sessions to schools. Contact STEMNET to put you in touch with scientists in your area.


  • More about science and movement

    Current Physiology Research

    Current Physiology Research

    The document below features summaries of contemporary research stories relating to exercise and movement within the following areas: breath and breathing, muscles and muscle fatigue, respiration and energy, the heart and circulatory system, the brain (including neuroscience and psychology).

    Download 'Current physiolosy research' PDF document (56k)

    This document requires the Adobe pdf viewer, download pdf viewer.

    Wellcome Trust Big Picture

    Big Picture on Exercise, Energy and Movement

    Big Picture on Exercise, Energy and Movement is a free publication for teachers and learners containing interesting articles about physiology, interviews with researchers and extra online animations and teaching resources.


  • Related links

    BBC Lab UK

    BBC Lab UK

    Take part in ground-breaking science


    BBC World Olympic Dreams

    BBC World Olympic Dreams

    Matthew Pinsent visits aspiring Olympians from around the world.


    British Council

    British Council – Connecting Classrooms

    The British Council supports and accredits collaboration between schools and advocates global citizenship for young people worldwide.



    Careers in Sports Science

    Information about careers in sports science from BASES (the British Association for Sport and Exercise Sciences)


    Engineering Sport blog

    Engineering Sport Blog

    Engineering Sport blog from Sheffield Hallam University


    Physiology Society

    Understanding Life

    Understanding Life is The Physiological Society's educational website, which provides support for the teaching and learning of physiology - primarily at ages 11-19.


    Youth Sports Trust

    Youth Sports Trust

    Youth Sports Trust building a brighter future for young people through PE and sport



Get In the Zone with Brazil 2014 and the Commonwealth Games!

After the huge success of London 2012 the sporting craze continues this summer with Brazil 2014 and, straight after the World Cup, we'll be hosting the Commonwealth Games in Scotland.

What a great opportunity to get ahead of the games and use your In the Zone kit to bring some of the excitement of these major sporting events into your classroom. You can use the kit to help your pupils discover the science behind the performance of elite footballers like Wayne Rooney, Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo and what happens in the bodies of top athletes such as Usain Bolt and Mo Farrar when they push themselves to the limit in their quest for gold.

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Get 'In the Zone' for Sochi

We're counting down to some exceptional sport at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, and have enjoyed watching In the Zone's champion, Sir Steve Redgrave CBE, on Channel 4's 'The Jump'. To give you some ideas of how to excite your students, here are some suggestions for how to get In the Zone… in the cold! Brrrrr.

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